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Find new and different dishes without compromising on taste, quality, or your wallet. Easily access the most relevant information about nearby dishes, and decide for yourself whether a dish is worth a bite.

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Ratings that matter

  • Taste

    How did the dish taste?
    Did the ingredients and flavors all come together?
    Was the dish Mediocre, Satisfying, or Bitetastic?

  • Portion Size

    Did you have enough to eat?
    Did the dish satisfy your hunger?
    Was the portion size Not Enough, Fair, or Generous?

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The Features

Find high quality & affordable food near you
Filter your search to dishes you prefer
Keep track of all the dishes you want to try
Save Time
Learn exactly what you need to know about every dish
Save Money
Determine if a dish is worth the cost before paying
Help others decide what meal they should try next

Better Choices, Better Decisions

Eating out at the same places can get boring. Trying new dishes can be disappointing. Reading review rants can be a hassle. With Bite, explore and discover new eats with confidence and ease.

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